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Horizon Strategy London Area Full-time

First - the role

Horizon Strategy, a London/Oxford-based strategic consultancy specialising in tech & telco, is looking for a Consultant (Project Activator) to augment the core team of our growing business.

The success of our projects rests on translating truly exceptional human insights into actionable commercial recommendations. The new Consultant will champion insights in the business and will create real client impact in customer experience (CX), marketing strategy, product/service strategy or Go-To-Market.

The role would involve structuring and conducting qualitative research, in-depth interviews and analysing data from research surveys and secondary research sources. The role would be reporting to and working closely with a Senior Consultant/ Director. The successful candidate will be required to display exceptional analytical skills and an ability to communicate a clear and compelling narrative that has client’s commercial objectives at its heart.

Horizon Strategy intends to invest significantly into the candidate’s training through robust, on-the-job coaching, mentoring and specialist courses. There is a potential for the candidate to make significant impact on the business from day one, working directly with C-suite. There are opportunities for oversized rewards, should the candidate be successful.

Second - Horizon Strategy In brief

We are a young business that's growing very fast. We work globally with a focus on four core sub-industries:

  • Technology hardware (consumer, commercial and industrial hardware)
  • Software, services and platforms (specialised software, IT services, marketing technology and platforms)
  • Mobile and telecoms (smartphones, wearables and networks)
  • Emerging technologies (3D/4D printing, AI, quantum computing, autonomous robotics).

We are already a preferred consulting partner of a Fortune 50 company and are advising SVPs and C-suite clients. If you join us, you'll get very early exposure to high-level, strategic conversations. Larger and established agencies will probably want to place you in a role that is several layers removed from these conversations. That's not the Horizon model.

With us, you will have access to senior client personnel as well as the highest quality thinkers and doers who will be there to turbocharge your development as a consultant and as a strategist. Our clients hire us because we give them very credible and actionable advice they can’t get from other sources (including the Big Four consultancies). You will be able to learn from our unique blend of intellectual firepower, commercial nous and an insatiable appetite to make a difference for our clients.

Third - the Horizon mission

Our mission is to reinvent and democratise strategic advice. Our focus is customer experience and its commercial implications for our clients.

At the heart of our brand is COMMERCIAL EMPATHY. That means empathising our clients’ commercial objectives and delivering real change against THEIR objectives and not ours.

We combine the power of rigorous customer research, design thinking and strategic approach. This enables us to achieve a balance of a deeper customer understanding with changing commercial realities.

Horizon’s Core Service Focus:

We focus on four strategic objectives as this allows us to provide our clients (including Fortune 50 businesses) with the most effective and actionable advice:

  • HUMANISE - Strategic Human Insights
  • CONNECT - Experience Strategy and Design
  • COMMERCIALISE - Product and Go-To-Market Strategy
  • COMMUNICATE - Marketing Activation Strategy

Horizon’s Core Beliefs:

  • INTRINSIC INTEGRITY - we only employ those who have it and value it above all else
  • HONEST CHALLENGE - we believe in giving our clients the best solutions, even if it means telling them that they need to change course
  • GENUINE CURIOSITY - explore the world with a fresh pair of eyes and never stop asking why things are the way they are
  • PURPOSEFUL EXCELLENCE - We are pathologically unable to settle for the lowest common denominator and always strive for the highest quality possible
  • DISCIPLINED CREATIVITY - We believe that following a process and being disciplined empowers you to be both creative and efficient

So why Horizon Strategy and not others?

Real world strategic impact

Many agencies claim they have an impact, we actually do and we can prove it from customer data.

Collegial, straight to the point atmosphere focused on excellence and powerful outcomes

We don’t do politics. We don't do egos. Others might expect you to fit into the office politics. We're not that company.

With us you get transparency, accountability and an unrelenting focus on the quality of the thinking and work you deliver. We offer unusual level of insights with doctoral-level projects happening at a lightning speed and without unnecessary bureaucracy. One of our founders is a published author with a PhD in design and strategy (from Newcastle & Oxford). You will have direct access to him as well as others on your journey to becoming a seasoned consulting professional.

Ability to shape our business and its culture

Coming in at this stage of our development you will be in a position to influence how we develop and grow as a business. If you are the type of person that can grab an opportunity, you may be able to carve out a disproportionate role for yourself in this process. What this could mean is, for example, faster promotion, a much more attractive pay package and a bigger team to manage more quickly than could be the case elsewhere.

Responsibilities & deliverables:

80% Project Delivery; 20% Business Operations & Support

Project Delivery & Management (including fieldwork and financial project management):


  • Delivering cutting-edge analysis at the business unit level with a view to impacting C-level conversations
  • Influencing stakeholders and helping to reframe their thinking
  • Challenging assumptions and offering solutions that make a real business impact


  • Employing cutting-edge design thinking methods (which we can teach you) to understand human nature and propose solutions that are attractive, feasible and viable
  • Designing compelling presentation documents
  • Proposing frameworks that are both strategically sound and visually powerful


  • Contributing to designing bespoke research approaches for a variety of project engagement types
  • Qualitative research development (discussion guides, templates)
  • Conducting in-depth interviews and co-development groups
  • Synthesising insights
  • Analysing qualitative and quantitative reports
  • Preparation of virtual and agile research environments (e.g. Miro)

Client interaction:

  • Client workshop input, moderation and assistance
  • Co-presenting to Director, VP level clients

Project delivery:

  • Contributing to delivering written PPT/Word-based reports
  • Delivering presentations
  • Client workshop input, moderation, and assistance
  • Quality control of documents produced (including copy-editing for maximum client impact)

Personal prerequisites sought:

Essential capabilities

  • Top class degree
  • A* thinker-doer
  • 2+ years of experience in strategic insights / research agencies, design agencies or consulting
  • Experience of qualitative methods (including depth-interviews, co-development / co-creation, ethnography, online)
  • Ability to synthesise multiple research sources and deliver clear analysis
  • Experience of delivering high-quality written reports and spoken presentations
  • Absolute fluency in spoken and written English is a must
  • PowerPoint, Excel and Word skills are essential

Attitude factors sought

  • Entrepreneurial, can-do attitude
  • Readiness to invest emotional commitment into the business
  • Uncommon attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure, manage several tasks simultaneously and respond quickly to changing circumstances and priorities
  • Ability to lead upwards, downwards and sideways (practicing 360 degrees leadership – see Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink)
  • Co­operative/good communicating skills/ability to interact at all levels
  • Pride in producing the best outputs possible
  • Fluency in any one of the following languages is a benefit: German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, French

Working Relationships:


  • Clients, fieldwork suppliers, vendors


  • Work with all levels of the company
  • Build up good working relationships with all members of the core and extended team

Timings and package:

Full-time (5 days/week) working from home and London/Oxford office. We operate a flexible hybrid model.

The financial package is competitive and dependent on the level of experience. It consists of:

  • Competitive base salary (£40,000-50,000)
  • Bonus scheme
  • Company pension scheme
  • Private medical insurance
  • Flexible working from home policy
  • 23+ holidays p.a. (in addition to bank holidays)
  • Health benefits
  • Additional perks

To apply for this job please visit LinkedIn.

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